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20 of the top Psychotherapists, Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, and Sound Therapists in the field addressing important issues and topics around
the Sound of Love

Techniques include:
1. Frequencies, Pitches, Timbres, Musical Intervals, Musical Flows and Energy of Love
2. Love for Healing
3. Love for Accessing Higher Consciousness

Just Resonating Love with Sound and Vibration

Sound for Loving Yourself

Sound for Loving Relationships


Sound of Universal Love

a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Foundation

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is performing clinical research on the use of Sound and Music for the following issues:
• Dementia • Autism • ADD/ADHD • Trauma/PTSD • Anxiety • Depression • Grief


3 Days of Presentations

April 21-23

Nice balance of Left & Right brain workshops to heal and expand the heart.




Ten Minute Sound Healing Baths before each Presentation (in parenthesis)

Friday  April 21st – Pacific Time
10AM – (David Gibson, Holly Baade – Sound Bath)
David Gibson – Frequencies, Pitches, Timbres, Musical Intervals, Music and Energy of Love

12PM – (Githa Ben-David – Sound Bath) Githa Ben-David – Healing through Hung Song & Vowels

2PM – (Silvina Vergara – Sound of Love) Silvina Vergara – Opening the Heart with Sound

4PM – (Marianne Gubri – Sound Bath) 
Marianne Gubri – Harp therapy and the power of presence

6PM – (Kathrine Krake – Sound Bath)
Kathrine Krake – One Love – One Heart: A channeled experience with vocal light language and toning




Saturday April 22nd –Pacific Time
10AM – (David Gibson, Holly Baade – Sound Bath)
Gregory Hammer – Happiness — How can we Get More of it.

12PM – (Barbara Canals – Sound Bath)
Barbara Canals – High Frequency Divine Love Energy Transmissions For Healing & Expansion

2PM – (Sound Bath – Scott Huckabay)
Randy Masters – The Science of the Frequencies of Love

4PM – (Leigh Stevens – Sound Bath)
Leigh Stevens – The Vibration of the Ocean

6PM – (David Gibson – Sound Bath)
Richard Feather Anderson – The Geometry of Love

Sunday  April 23rd – Pacific Time
10AM – (Bukhu Ganburged  – Sound Bath)
Jeffery Martin – Will scientists really make over a million people enlightened this year?

12PM – (Shanti Lleone – Sound Bath)
Shanti Lleone – Love and Source

2PM – (Jamie Lu – Sound Bath)
Jamie Lu – The Frequency of Love

4PM – (Holly Baade – Sound Bath) 
Holly Baade – The Shaman’s Territory

6PM – (David Gibson – Sound Bath)
David Gibson – Sound to access Universal Love and Oneness
(Closing Ceremony – David Gibson, Holly Baade


"Love is the keynote, Joy is the music, Knowledge is the performer, the Infinite All is the composer and audience.”- Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)"


– Sending love to your own heart with a sound

– Hugging yourself with sound

– You are love – Resonating the love that you are



Sound techniques for resolving conflicts in relationships:

– Each person makes the sound of how they are feeling

– Creating a sacred space with sound in which to share feelings.

Sound techniques for resonating more love together:

– Toning on one another’s heart

– Toning on each chakra

– Resonating each chakra while hugging

– Resonating Universal love while hugging




– Accessing the sound of Unconditional Love

– How to access Universal Love

– How to use sound to resonate Oneness and Unity Consciousness

– Using Ultrasound on Microtubules in the brain to access Oneness


CMTE’s for CBMT – 18 CMTE credits available
$100 – Call 415 777-2486 with a credit card or Email us at Info(at)SoundHealingCenter.com and we’ll send a paypal request.
The Globe Sound Healing Conference is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 18 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. The Globe Institute of Recording and Production Provider #P-082  maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. New CBMT rules: There is no partial credit.  You must do the whole conference.

Continuing Education CE’s for MFTs and LCSW’s – 15 CE’s
$100 – Call 415 777-2486 with a credit card or Email us at Info(at)SoundHealingCenter.com and we’ll send a paypal request.

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